TCHO chocolate is just outta beta!


Our chocolatier friends at TCHO have released their 1.0 "gold master" bars. I've been nibbling on their betas for months, and can hardly wait to taste these.

For the past year, we asked for your feedback during our Beta program to help us create our first flavor-driven chocolates. And an astonishing 46 percent of you gave it. Now, a year and 1026 (literally) iterations later – your "Chocolatey", "Fruity", "Nutty", and "Citrus" have arrived. They have been worth the wait – they are, indeed, obsessively good.

Introducing TCHO's first "gold master" formulations in our stunning new packaging.

We did it together, and we couldn't have done it without you. Thank You! And now that we have arrived at 1.0 formulations, Susanna Dulkinys, partner in one of the world's leading design firms, Spiekermann Partners, has designed new 1.0 packaging that's as delightful and innovative as our chocolate. Susanna's new packaging delights – it's bright, colorful, tactile, sophisticated.

TCHO's 1.0 "gold masters."