Rudy Rucker's trip to New York City

On his blog, Rudy Rucker writes about his recent visit to New York City. In addition to the many nice photographs he took, he included this old YouTube clip of Camper Van Beethoven's video, "Take the Skinheads Bowling," because he saw the band with his daughter Georgia, while he was there. (Georgia was the designer of The Happy Mutant Handbook.)

I’ve always loved Camper Van. They were big when we moved to California 25 years ago; Marc Laidlaw introduced me to their music. By now, the lead singer, David Lowry, reminds me of an eccentric old professor -— fit, dedicated, and prepared to speak out. My twin. They sang their big hit, “Take the Skinheads Bowling.” What a masterpiece.

“Last night I had a dream—it was about nothing.

Picturing New York by Rudy Rucker