IT Crowd third season DVD up for pre-order

The IT Crowd, a nerd sitcom from Graham Linehan, the creator of the fantastic Father Ted, has just concluded its third season, and the DVDs are up for pre-order on Amazon. This was the funniest season yet — the Friendster episode was nothing short of brilliant. The show has hit its stride and is triumphantly stalking the airwaves. Best of all were the shots of the densely decorated set, which was dressed by Boing Boing readers and fans of the show, who sent their favorite nerd memorabilia to the show for inclusion. The actors exist in a cave that is carpeted and wallpapered in awesome geek crap — what a delight.

Previous DVDs in the series have sported totally badass easter eggs (subtitles in 1337, for example), and I'm sure this one'll be no exception. I can't wait to get mine. The title ships on Mar 16, and it's a region-free disc (yay!).

The IT Crowd: Series 3, The IT Crowd: Series 1-3 Box Set