Wil Wheaton vs. Authors' Guild vs. Kindle

Wil Wheaton sez,

I totally agreed with Cory's take on the whole Author's Guild vs. Reality (and text 2 speech) kerfuffle, and I saw that other authors like John Scalzi and Neil Gaiman were pretty much on the same, uh, page.

But then I wondered: What if we're all wrong? As an author, performer, and consumer of audiobooks, what does this mean for me? Are we really threatened by this?

To find out, I picked a short passage from my book Sunken Treasure and read it. Then, I took the identical passage, and let my computer read it. I recorded the whole thing and put together something I call "Wil Wheaton versus Text 2 Speech" so you can hear for yourself.

wil wheaton vs. text 2 speech