BB Video: "Legends of Exos," Excerpt from PSST! Animation Project

Derek Bledsoe, Boing Boing Video producer, is blogging daily Boing Boing Video episodes while Xeni's on the road in Africa.

Today we present "Legends of Exos," an animated short from the PSST! Pass It On film series.

In "Legends of Exos" we are launched into a psychedelic land of stained glass, tracking a warrior on his way to battle. His attack segues into a lovable world of fuzzy woodland creatures but concludes with a finale that Burton fans will find comforting.

PSST!3 Pass It On is collaborative film project is composed of 17 films made by 51 teams of directors and animators from around the globe. Each film is broken into three parts — beginning, middle, and end — and each part is created by a different team.

Check out the PSST!3 website for more on the project, and you can purchase DVDs of the entire collection there, too. We'll be bringing you more from PSST!3, as well as insight from Bran Dougherty-Johnson, in upcoming episodes of Boing Boing Video.

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