Xeni on the Road in West Africa: Obamamania Persists in Benin

Obamamania persists in Benin

Obamamania persists in Benin As I've mentioned in previous tweets and blog posts from the road trip I'm on in West Africa, Obama is super popular over here. Above and left, evidence.

BB pal Hugo Van Tilborg, who's lived here in Benin for a few years, shot the iphone snaps below in and around Cotonou (click for larger size). Above, Obama has a beach named after him. At left, a street.

"Apart from street signs, billboard and street hawkers toting obama's face around I've also heard of voudoun [voodoo] ceremonies being held for Obama during the elections," Hugo says.

"Imagine if the Christian right had ever gotten wind of that!"

Bush, as I recall from being here previously, did not enjoy any such popularity, and for good reason. He dropped by Benin in 2008, but is said to have spent all of three hours in the country, never once leaving the airport.