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• The wonderful Steve Wozniak autographed a hackintosh.

Lego's business cards aren't like anyone else's.

• There was a Super-Secret Spy Lens for DSLRs from Photojojo.

15 Vintage Household ads in which women are not entirely condescended to were uncovered.

• Recently reviewed were Sony's Vaio P (Verdict: spectacular but slow), Asus' Eee Top PC (Verdict: Suprisingly good), and the Moto Tundra cellphone (Verdict: Well-armored but very basic for the price.)

• Guess what the Big Ass Fans corporation manufactures?

• Joel wondered How best to turn fruit into shot glasses without a specialized tool? and wished this tiny trackball was available in North America.

• Hyungkoo Lee objectified the human form. It's art.

• Netflix needs even more new features.

• Concord's C1 Quantum Gravity watch looks the bomb.

• Purisme milked the rich with a $600-ish carbon fiber bangle.

• Ulysse Nardin's extravagant Chairman cellphone shows off its angles.

• The gaming computer you dreamed of in 1983 is finally available. And it runs NES carts, too!

• There were emanations.

• Microsoft's best anti-Apple ad yet got 'em hopping.

• The brakes on a new Jet-Ski let it stop and turn on a dime.

• The "Geek Aquad" will help you with your new camera, but not your English paper.

• The Legend of Zelda theme was played on Tesla coils.

• Peek Pronto adds push email and a 50% speed increase to the messaging handheld's feature list.