Podcast memoir: how an idealistic young Mormon missionary threatened to blow up a plane

William Shunn sez,

In 2006 and 2007, over the course of about 30 episodes of my "ShunnCast," I serialized my memoir "The Accidental Terrorist," the story of how I, as a naive young Mormon missionary, came to be arrested for terrorism and permanently banned from Canada. The response was enthusiastic and overwhelming.

Now I'm serializing the book again, but this time in its own dedicated podcast. Starting today and continuing throughout 2009, I'll post a chapter from "The Accidental Terrorist" every Tuesday morning. Fridays I'll post a "Setting the Record Straight" segment to discuss exactly how true the preceding chapter was.

This just may be my favorite true-life amazing-but-true tale — never has threatening an aircraft been funnier or more thought-provoking.


(Thanks, Bill!)