Crush All Hu-Mans: latest collection of angry robosexual webcomics from Diesel Sweeties

Crush All Hu-Mans is the latest collection of strips from the excellent robosexual webcomic Diesel Sweeties, a pixellated tribute to love, robots, and world domination. In Crush, Red Robot takes center stage: bent on the destruction of all humanity ("Destroy all that lives! Mutilate the corpses! Flay and tear and maim and pirate music!") he finds himself awkwardly between Clango Cyclotron (the human-loving bot) and Menace-11, the all-black nihilist-bot who's just back from a stint volunteering in Robotania.

The slim volume is good for big, angry, bloody-spattered laughs, filled with the kind of robotic non-sequiturs that makes Diesel Sweeties such a charming strip.

What's more, R. Stevens and co are selling a plush, knitted Red Robot with savage claws for all your self-loathing human robo-cuddling needs.