We Want the Public Option, a novel approach to online petitions

Adam sez, "Online petitions are a dime a dozen these days — it takes something special for the citizens to break through and get the attention of politicians.

The folks at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (founded by Reddit co-inventor Aaron Swartz and former MoveOn.org folks) may have found it.

Today, they unveiled www.WeWantThePublicOption.com featuring a new TV ad that you can sign — which will then be aired in Washington DC on MSNBC, CNN, and the Daily Show.

It contrasts the 76% of Americans who support President Obama's proposed public health insurance option with the insurance interests who oppose it and have given Democratic senators $80 million. It asks those senators to pick a side.

You can sign your name as a member of the 76%, and names will be continually rotated into the actual ad aired on TV. Pretty innovative. Check it out."

We Want the Public Option

(Thanks, Adam!)