Little Brother wins the Prometheus Award for libertarian science fiction

Wouldya lookit that! I've won the Libertarian Futurist's Society's Prometheus Award for my novel Little Brother! As with all the other awards LB has been up for this year, I'm even more honored by the company I'm in than the award itself; this year's Prometheus nominees included Charlie Stross's Saturn's Children, Matter by Iain Banks, The January Dancer by Michael Flyn, Opening Atlantis by Harry Turtledove, and Half a Crown, the wrenching conclusion to Jo Walton brilliant Farthing/Ha'penny alternate history trilogy. And this year's Prometheus Hall of Fame winner was Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. These books and these writers are all incredibly humbling company to find oneself among.

The Prometheus will be given out at the WorldCon, and the award includes an actual, no-fooling gold coin. So yes, I'll be walking around the Montreal Worldcon with a pocket full of gold, don't tell anyone.