@BBVBOX: recent guest-tweeted web video picks (boingboingvideo.com)

(Ed. Note: We recently gave the Boing Boing Video website a makeover that includes a new, guest-curated microblog: the "BBVBOX." Here, folks whose taste in web video we admire tweet the latest clips they find. I'll be posting periodic roundups here on the motherBoing.)

  • Xeni Jardin: Five-year-old singing Folsom "Pwison" Blues. Link "Aren't ya little young to be shooting men in Reno?" asks @maggiekb1.
  • Jesse Thorn: Classic Late Night: Conan helps writer Andy Blitz find a NYC apartment. Link
  • Jesse Thorn: Armand Iannucci aka @AIannucci, director of the spectacularly hilarious new film In the Loop, on Charlie Rose. Link
  • Susannah Breslin: Mirrors soothe phantom limb pain: Link
  • Richard Metzger: The Turkey Revolution Will Not Be Televised Link
  • Andrea James: Groovy 1979 news brief and program promos: Link
  • Sean Bonner: I have this Slap Chop remix song stuck in my head. Can't decide if that is a WIN or FAIL Link
  • Sean Bonner: Joy Division as covered by a Caribbean steal drum band: Link
  • Sean Bonner: This may or may not be SFW, it's definitely not safe for people with vision. Drunk tits. Link
  • Sean Bonner: Wu-Tang's Mystery of Chessboxing, in LEGO! Link
  • Sean Bonner: Dogs love jazz. Seriously. Here's proof: Link
  • Richard Metzger: Freaky Manimal dude (is this a sexual thing? I can't tell) Link
  • Richard Metzger: Famous People on Drugs: Dylan vs Lennon Link
  • Jesse Thorn: The great @robcorddry only does hard sci-fi. R-rated trailer for his new project: "Hot Tub Time Machine." Link
  • Susannah Breslin: Lissy Trullie, "Ready for the Floor," Richard Kern: Link
  • Andrea James: It just keeps getting better each year. Ultimate tractor square dancing: Link

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