Normalcy is the future

Here's some inspiring words from Bruce Sterling on how normal the future will be, taken from his Webstock address.

Well, let's consider some consensus notions for the future of glamorous Webland. I totally dote on these, for a host of good reason. There are zillions of 'em, stuff like mobile robots, 3d printers, online video, locative tech, quantum computing, social networks. With an almighty effort, maybe we can concentrate on five.

The Cloud! Web Squared! The Internet of Screens! The Internet of Things! Augmented Reality!…

Here's what it sounds like: 1+2+3+4+5. When it's not futuristic. When it's normal. When it's banal.

She poured a coffee, then touched the breakfast table. "Where are my shoes?" "Your sister borrowed them." "Again? Where is Susan?" "She's downtown now." "Susan! Why did you swipe my favorite shoes again?" "Look at this dress." "Oooh, that dress is darling." "It would look even better on you." "You're right. Get it for me. You can't have it." "Trade you for these shoes." "Let me check that with Henry. Yeah, okay." Karen had another sip of fair-trade coffee. It tasted weird, but it was still hot.

They're all in that paragraph. All five. They're phantom far-out notions gobbled up by the real world. They packed in there so deep that nobody notices them. So, yes, I can write about it. It's just: it doesn't look futuristic. It looks way too real.

Words for Webstock – Bruce Sterling

(via Making Light)