Enemy of Chaos: hilarious modern choose-your-own-adventure novel

Leila Johnston's Enemy of Chaos is a geekily hilarious modern choose-your-own-adventure novel in which you play a middle aged bitter geek who is drafted into a branching narrative in which your goal is to save reality, while negotiating many of the familiar indignities of modern geekish life, from over-exuberant role-players to nuclear apocalypse.

This is a sneakily funny book, a book that is so funny on a sentence-by-sentence level and so silly on its face that it's easy to lose track of the fact that there's an enormous amount of nostalgic heart here, a really affectionate remembrance of the whole RPG boom.

If you like smart obscure statistics jokes, wickedly funny observational humor about geeks and their place in society, and if you are filled with nostalgic warmth at the thought of a choose-your-own-adventure story written for the adult you became, this is for you.

Enemy of Chaos (Amazon UK)

Enemy of Chaos (Amazon US)