Crowdsourced translation of Moby-Dick into Emoji

Fred sez, "I've just launched a project on Kickstarter to fund the production, via crowd sourcing, of a never-before-released translation of Herman Melville's classic Moby Dick in Japanese emoji icons.

Here's an example of an Emoji sentence from Moby Dick:

"I need to raise enough money to pay for each of Moby Dick's 6,438 sentences to be translated 3 times by different Amazon Mechanical Turk workers. Those results will then be voted on by another set of workers, and the most popular version of each sentence will be selected for inclusion in the book.

Supporters can pledge varying amounts to get their name included in the book, a CC BY-SA licensed PDF, the raw data, and either a softcover black and white copy or a limited edition color version."

Emoji Dick

(Thanks, Fred!)