ASCIIpOrtal: 2D ASCIImation game based on Portal

Gabe sez, "ASCIIpOrtal uses portals (in the style of Valve software's game) in a 2D ASCII-character setting. An early video was featured on BB a few months ago. And now, it's been released. I've done a big 2 part interview with the creator, where he discusses bug-finding, "trumpet voiced" sarcastic computers, and the possibility of a user-voted system for finding cool homemade maps."

What was the most difficult thing to get right?

I've never made a game like this, so every step had its own challenges. I spent so long thinking about things before I even wrote 1 line of code.. that the "getting it right" was done before I started. I think the hardest part, was making a whole framework… so I could add a new thing to the game without having to rewrite everything. I had to rewrite the main movement algorithms twice and I still don't think I have it's right.


Here it is: ASCIIpOrtal Launch-day interview – part 1