Squirrel for dinner


Boing Boing guestblogger Connie Choe is a health and culture writer by day and a professional kimchimonger by night.

Thumbnail images can be
deceiving. Whilst perusing squirrel photographs on Flickr last night, I came
across a thumbnail of this image. "Aww,
teeny baby squirrels," I thought to myself, foolishly clicking to get a better
look. Wrong. So, so wrong.

After picking myself up off the floor, I confess that I found myself admiring how fit these little suckers are/were. Besides the feet and head (which are no longer an issue), they look like they were pure muscle. These must have been dashing-through-the-wilderness type squirrels. Or perhaps, hit-the-gym-7-days-a-week type squirrels. Not like the mangy little booger (fueled by
and Mountain Dew, no doubt) that tore a hole in my backpack years
ago while trying to pilfer a candy bar.

Even with 8000+ cuddly faced squirrel photos coo over, this is the one picture that I can't stop staring at. It is called "Squirrel for Dinner." Enjoy.