Prize winning sketch from Dr. Sketchy's in Los Angeles

Glenn Arthur Dr Sketchys

My friend Barry and I went to Dr. Sketchy's figure drawing session last night, held at e3rd Steakhouse & Lounge in downtown Los Angeles and produced by Bob Self of Baby Tattoo Books. About 30 other artists came to sketch figure model Ruby Champagne ("the Mexican Spitfire of Burlesque") who posed and smiled in a way that reminded me of Gil Elvgren's work.

Above is a sketch of Ruby by Glenn Arthur. He won one of the prize giveaways last night for drawing the best Halloween themed illustration of the evening. His prize was a pad of nifty Whitelines graph paper, which uses white grid lines instead of gray or green lines. (Glenn's work is going to be featured in the upcoming Animal Instinct show in Costa Mesa on November 7th).

This morning Binary Slim, one of the other artists there last night, sent me a funny sketch of me that he did without my knowing it. I laughed out loud when I saw it.