Surprised Kitten: The Boing Boing True Hollywood Story

Surprised Kitten, which was the subject of much squealing in a Boing Boing post, can haz a backstory. Aude Baron, the French journalist who previously wrote about YouTube star Tsimfuckus (the child who has Progeria and loves gangsta rap) contacted the mother of the teen who captured the kitteh that launched a gajillion clicks.

Here's the article, auto-translated from French. It appeared in After the jump, I summarize the contents in English.


The kitten in this viral video hit is a female named Attila, as in "The Hun." She is fierce, hence the name.

But, wait for the paradox: she is also cute. Hence the surname, "fluff."

So, the kitten's full name is "Attila Fluff".

She was between 6 and 10 weeks of age when the video was made.

The teenager who shot the video is named Rosa.

Attila does not belong to Rosa. She belongs to a friend of Rosa's, who came by with the kitty one day to visit.

Rosa thought the kitten was so cute that she decided to shoot some video. The video ended up on YouTube.

Millions of people have watched the video now. Attila the kitty is famous.

Now Attila has a coke habit and wants implants, and thinks she might be a lesbian.

TMZ is posting rumors that Attila has invested in a franchise of catnip dispensaries supplied by the feline prison gang known as the Manx-ican Mafia.

How'd I do with the French translation? I hope I didn't mess any of that up.