Wicks Looper


Rarebeats' Wicks Looper is a box. The box makes noises. The noises are strange.

The wicks looper has 3 main controls; The sound control adjusts the frequency of the tone in the first half of the dial and the level of noise in the second half of the dial, giving two distinct sounds. The second control is Tempo, which controls how fast the loop is played. Write the loop at a slow tempo then speed it up for a great effect. The third control is the write button, when pressed it writes a sound to memory which is then replayed next time the loop is run. With the sound control knob adjusted anticlockwise, you can add a rest to the loop by pressing the Write button.

Also consider the SwoofTronic and StrobeTronic, which react to light rather than programmatic manipulation–but otherwise get on with the noble business of making strange noises.

Wicks Looper [Rarebeats' Etsy Store]