The splendor of the Boing Boing Bazaar!


At great hazard to life and limb, the editors of Boing Boing have scoured the most exotic corners of our vast and wondrous planet -- from her inky ocean floors to her highest peaks -- bringing back to you a most extraordinary collection of astounding oddities, curious novelties, and sensational artifacts, available at prices that confound our competitors and incite jealousy amongst the most intrepid collectors of natural and manmade marvels. Behold the splendor of the Boing Boing Bazaar!

The items for sale in the Bazaar have been personally curated by the editors of Boing Boing. We will add new items when we come across ones wonderful enough to include in our display case, so check back often.

Here's more information about the Boing Boing Bazaar (which is part of the new Makers Market) from Dan Woods, general manger of Maker Retail:

After almost a year of development, we're proud to take the wraps off of our newest ecommerce offering -- Makers Market, a curated marketplace of wonderful science, tech, and artistic creations created and sold directly by some of our favorite Makers from around the World.


A collaboration between MAKE and Boing Boing, Makers Market brings together our favorite entrepreneurial makers and artists selling products and services directly to DIY enthusiasts - people with a thirst for life-enriching exploration through hands-on science and tech projects, risk-taking, art, sustainability, self-reliance, and hands-on learning. And true to our character, we'll toss in a pinch of mischief-making from time to time for good measure.

Most of the sellers you'll discover in Makers Market are makers whom we've come to know through the course of our work producing MAKE, Boing, Make: Online, CRAFT, Maker Faire and Make: television. Each was selected by the staff at MAKE or by the Boing Boing crew and personally invited to open a storefront in the market. The products you'll find here were either made by, rebuilt by, or substantially produced by the maker selling them. We call this "Maker-Made."

Each participating maker has their own store front where they showcase their work and sell their products, host their own blog, post pictures and videos, and communicate with their customers and the DIY community at large. MAKE provides the web service, the tools and the community.  Sellers are responsible for doing their own product fulfillment and for bringing their unique character, energy and DIY spirit to the marketplace.

We invite you to stop by and check it out.  If you're an indie maker and you have a product or service you think you'd like to sell in Makers Market, visit the Seller FAQs.  Nominating yourself as a seller is easy and takes just a few minutes.  We'll review your information and generally get back to you in a day or two.


Boing Boing Bazaar