Make a lap stand for the iPad


Lenore and Windell, that brilliant hacker couple who run Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, have a complete how-to for making a foldable lap stand for the iPad.

Sure, that iPad's fun. But doesn't your arm get tired propping up one and a half pounds after an hour or two?

Yes, one thing that the iPad is definitely missing is angle. A laptop has an adjustable screen, and you can just set it on your lap for couchborne surfing. Just set the iPad on your lap and… well… it's sits there taunting you, pointing at the ceiling.

You can try sitting cross-legged like Steve Jobs, angle your knees with the help of the coffee table, or give up and shell out for a tabletop dock.

No, it's not the end of the world. But shouldn't fun new toys just be… fun?
So here is our solution: a DIY adjustable-angle iPad stand for your lap. Inexpensive, cozy, and light. Designed for both portrait and landscape use, and ready to fold up for transport and storage. With a stand, you can use your 'Pad with zero, one, or two hands, and sit how you darn well please.

A lap stand for your iPad