Competition! Design the Haggis beast that roams Scotland


Photo: Roland Tanglao.

According to a survey in the UK, one in five Britons believes that haggis, a traditional Scottish meal made from all the sheep bits the English didn't steal, is in fact "an animal that roams the highlands." From Reuters:

Another 15 percent said it is a Scottish musical instrument while 4 percent admitted to thinking it was a character from Harry Potter.

The only appropriate response to this discovery is to host a competition whereby you illustrate the Haggis beast and win a Droid Eris or another gadget of similar value. Three winners will be selected–post links to your entries in the comments below!

I contend that the Haggis is surely a mammal, but am prepared to be corrected. Also, of what order? Ovis Haggisis? The Tasmanian Devil-like Sarcophilus Haggisii?