Kometen: the debut iPhone game from Blueberry Garden dev

Following a semi-depressing seasonal lull in truly outstanding iPhone games, it appears that the indie dev community is starting to make a springtime comeback. Case in point: Kometen, the first iPhone game from Erik Svedäng, creator of Indie Games Fest 2009 grand prize winner Blueberry Garden (available on Steam here).

Not a terrible amount is known about Kometen, but -- from the looks of the video above -- it would seem to have at least some things in common with Svedäng's prior work: primarily stand-out visual design (from Garden's pen & ink to Kometen's hand-watercolored universe, created by Niklas Ãkerblad) and a focus on the pure joys of unguided exploration.

The app's currently with Apple for approval, so it shouldn't be long before we can feel its "speed, beauty & grace" for ourselves.

Announcing Kometen [Erik Svedäng]