Inmate's rectum packed with impressive amount of contraband

Gavin Stanger, 24, of East Wenatchee, Washington smuggled the following into jail, in his rectum, all at once:
a green cigarette lighter, cigarette rolling papers, a golf-ball size bag of tobacco, a bottle of tattoo ink, eight tattoo needles, a one-inch-long smoking pipe and a small bag of suspected marijuana. From Wenatchee World:

(Jail administrator Phil Stanley) said no contraband was found on a pat-down search or on a later strip search.

About 90 minutes later, with Stanger in a single holding jail, a jailer found a plastic bag and duct tape floating in the cell's toilet. After being questioned by jailers, Stanger surrendered the contraband.

"Gavin Stanger enters jail with large quanity of contraband up bottom"