Just a mellow afternoon at the G20

Riot police charge and strike at peaceful protesters at the G20 Summit in Toronto, Canada. The Guardian and other news outlets report that Canada spent a billion dollars on security for the event (by comparison, London last year spent some $30 million). (via Matt Forsythe).

Many more videos are here at blogto.com.

Below, a riot policeman shoots a woman at near point-blank range with a canister of "muzzle shot" that delivers a load of tear gas. She appears to be a photographer/journalist, and is carrying an SLR camera around her neck. I hope she is okay.

(Thanks, Sparkdale, via The Star)

More: here's a photograph of police taking down two photographers who work for the National Post.

Toronto 680News reporter Kevin Misener describes his experience with riot police in this radio interview (thanks, Ray Pride).

A couple of people who've been tweeting first-hand experiences: @acourtroom @spaikin, and I welcome more in the comments.