Awesome Twilight homage YouTube game shut down over copyright infringement claim (UPDATED)


Update, 10pm PT, July 1: It's back! The YouTube game's creators tell us: "Maker Studios got in touch with the digital department at Summit, got everything cleared up, and the game is back in action. Thanks for your support and help with this. Good that this situation went well- and good to see a digital department at a traditional company being helpful."

Ben & Raf, the "Fine Brother" guys who created the wonderful "Twighlight" homage interactive game on YouTube I blogged less than 24 hours ago, write:

twilight3.jpgWe have a follow up to this, as less than an hour ago, Twilight shut down our game claiming copyright infringement. This is very disappointing, as this truly is a fair use and parody case, and shows how content creators have no power online, and how they don't see or understand the value this type of content has for their brand. It's a very disappointing day for online media.