Apple iPhone 4: information remediation on attenuation complication situation

Pull Up To the Bumper, Baby.
Apple today announced plans to hold a press conference related to iPhone 4 on Friday at 10am Pacific—company rep Steve Dowling didn't elaborate on the content or who'd be talking, but everyone's assuming they'll (finally) address The Great iPhone Antenna Crisis of 2010.™

Earlier this week, Consumer Reports dinged Apple over a lab report stating that when held just the right way under a full moon by virgin vegan nuns from Vanuatu chanting invocations to Vishnu, the device's otherwise excellent reception takes a hit.

"Contradictorily, Consumer Reports also said that the iPhone 4 was the best smartphone it had tested."

My money's on free bumpers to calm the hordes.

Update: Gruber agrees with this prediction from a MacRumors forum on what we'll hear at Friday's presser. Siracusa agrees, with a caveat. And, Mitch Wagner: "I think it was the David Letterman Top 10 List that did it. When your product is a joke on nationwide TV, that requires a response." Then again, maybe Dave Pell's on to something.

(photo: Dean Putney. Yes, those are tears.)