4chan "backtraced," reported to "cyberpolice" by mustachioed mad dad

Update: video edited and re-uploaded to include *only* mad mustache dad's epic rant, without the 11 year old girl who is too young to know how unwise it is to webcam her woes, or mess with /b/.

"I know! Who's emailin' and who's doin' it, and you've been reported to the state police and the cyber-police. And you better try one more thing and if you screw with my computer again, you'll be arrested. End of conversation! From her father."

I would like to learn more about these "backtraces" of which you speak, mustache dad. Know Your Meme explains, and Gawker posts less-funny background on the origins of this video, and the bullying involved.

Video Link.

(thanks, SH-P!).