Ethan Persoff's heavily embellished mixtape: Live at Harry's Loft


Ethan Persoff alerted me to his wonderful collection of audio enchantment, called Live at Harry's Loft.

Many people who visit our library of weird printed items are surprised to find just as many pieces of odd and unheard music. Rare records on unimaginable subjects: An entire PSA album from Barbra Streisand about putting clothes on "little retarded children", anti-abortion music, craft tapes for inmates. Other great sideshows. Good jokes, too.

Anyway, we make heavily embellished mixtapes with this material, and after five years have finished our eighth album, Live at Harry's Loft. Music made from: Rare political hollering, unheard privately pressed messages, exploitation tracks, PSA's against sex & drugs, and worse! and better! Including celebrity appearances from: Sammy Davis Jr, Barbra Streisand, Kenny Rogers, a constantly looping Loretta Lynn, and Lorne Greene.

Live at Harry's Loft by Ethan Persoff

Full album containing eight jukebox singles.