Cell-phone using time traveler spotted in 1928 Charlie Chaplin movie

Joshua Glenn says:

Last fall, HiLobrow published a pre-mobile telephony image of a woman who appeared to be using a smartphone. You were kind enough to link to that post. I found a couple of other "Pluperfect PDAs" after that (I link to all of our discoveries in the post below) but since then I'd pretty much given up on this meme… until now. This Irish guy with the 1928 footage of the mobile phone user has just afforded the "Pluperfect PDA" meme a new lease on life…

Scott Lawrence suggests she's using an olde tyme hearing aid. I don't want to believe that because, well, I Want to Believe.

UPDATE: Xeni says: "THANK YOU FOR ALERTING US TO THE FACT THAT THIS MAY NOT REALLY BE A TIME TRAVELER USING A CELLPHONE." There is no need to continue to alert us in the comments.

time-traveler with cellphone