Synergon, a business LARP: escape into drudgery!

Synergon is a BLARP: a business live-action role-playing game. Players create fantasy characters who start out as low-level corporate drones and then perform boring, soul-destroying repetitive tasks set by a game-master (called "The Boss") until they level up. Players also fight one another for the chance to do more boring, soul-destroying tasks.

Ambition Points (AP): Analogous to mana points; employees draw on AP when using abilities. Base AP = Creativity. Maximum AP = Creativity with all positive and negative modifiers applied. AP cannot exceed max AP.

Assignment: Basic tasks such as retrieving items or confronting a specific frenemy; assigned by The Boss. Each employee that contributed to completing an assignment receives 200XP.

Attack Ability: An ability used specifically to attack frenemies in hopes of draining MP and giving negative statuses. An attack roll is determined by rolling the specified dice and adding any attack modifiers.

Critical Hit: If an ability roll naturally results in the maximum number (i.e. 20 for a d20, 10 for a d10), the roll result is doubled. Modifiers are not doubled, just the dice roll. For rolls involving multiple dice, all the dice must show the maximum result (i.e. rolling double 4s for a 2d4 or double 10s for a 2d10).

Day: Made up of 8 soul-sucking hours. A night of prime-time TV is able to put employees into torpor deep enough that it basically hits the "reset button" in the brain. Each employee chooses 1 status to eliminate at EOD regardless of how many hours or days of the effect are left. At EOD, employees regenerate 10% of maximum MP and 15% of maximum AP.


(via MeFi)