Kentucky Fried Chicken corporate training rap from 1987 on how to make "Chicken Littles"


This 1987 KFC corporate training flexi-disc blogged by Derek over at Glorious Noise features an embarassingly dated "hip-hop" tutorial on how to prepare Chicken Littles and shoestring fries. I believe that when the rapping gentleman refers to a "golden shower" (I think?) being part of the frying process, he means hot, bubbling liquid transfat. But with KFC, one never knows.

Also: Is it just me, or does part of the chord structure remind you of the theme song for Twin Peaks?

The Colonel and the Gang – "Costs Just a Little, Love 'Em A Lot" from the Chicken Littles Greatest Hits flexi-disc. Direct link to MP3 is here, but you gotta read this guy's story.
(via BB Submitterator, thanks, Jake B!)