Boing Boing's Wikileaks "Cablegate" coverage, all in one linkdump

(Illustration by Rob Beschizza)

Rob Beschizza covered the massive Wikileaks release yesterday of hundreds of thousands of US State Department diplomatic cables—including, as one might expect on Boing Boing, a focus on the weird stuff. In case you missed it:

US foreign policy gets enhanced patdown: oddities from the leaks

More from the cables: "9/11 of diplomacy" identifies Putin as Batman and Medvedev as Robin

Colonel Gaddafi uses Botox to maintain own youth, beauty

"Global diplomatic crisis" sparked by cables: U.N. spied on; Saudis want US to attack Iran; British royalty misbehaves; military incompetence

Noah Shachtman and the reporters over at Wired Danger Room have a few posts up this morning, the most utterly WTF of which being "U.S. Chases Foreign Leaders' DNA, WikiLeaks Shows."

Also at Danger Room, "WikiLeaks Reveals Iran's Secret, Worldwide Arms Hunt
" and "'Chipped' Detainees, Iran Mega-Missiles And More in Latest WikiLeaks

And, related posts by Xeni:

Wikileaks under legal assault
Wikileaks' massive cable leak expected today: "under attack," Der Spiegel out early