Wikileaked: a foreign policy journal devoted to the Wikileaks releases

Wikileaked is a new foreign policy journal that covers nothing but the stories emerging from Wikileaks's leaks, including the latest batch of #cablegate leaks. It looks like an exhaustive blow-by-blow of all the revelations contained in the leaked cables — something I've been looking for. There are at least four different Wikileaks stories: the intelligence in the cables, the reaction to that intelligence, the debate over the ethics of releasing the cables, and the news about Julian Assange. I find them all interesting, but I'm much more interested in the content of the cables themselves, put into context. Wikileaked is my new go-to source for that information — despite the fact that its publisher is owned by the Washington Post, which has led the pack in stupid, reactionary attacks on #cablegate (ironic, given WashPo's own history with the Watergate leaks).


(via Resource Shelf)