Boing Boing's Wikileaks "Cablegate" coverage, all in one linkdump


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  1. gotchamedia says:

    George W. Bush talks to Mark Zuckerberg about Wikileaks (among other things):

  2. FreakCitySF says:

    Where is Bush?

  3. Rob Beschizza says:

    On vacation.

  4. Roger Wilco says:

    You guys will never get Val Kilmer to play Manning.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Virtually everything I’ve read from the leaks underscores the importance of what they’re doing. The gov’t is pissed because the shoddy, unethical practices of corruption are being exposed ~ we the people are better off knowing what they’re doing in our names.

  6. Stefan Jones says:

    What Gaddafi really needs at this point is cosmetics grade spackle.

    * * *

    Oh, I almost forgot . . . I’ll save the concern squad the effort: “We shouldn’t pay attention to any of this because Assange is a sex criminal!”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Been reading the Mid East write ups. Here’s what stands out. The State Dept has no better understanding of the dynamics of the region than what you read in the pundit rags and the press. They’re guessing on the same level as a well read policy wonk who reads Jane’s Defense Weekly and watches Meet the Press on Sunday. $50 billion a year on intel, and there’s no deep insight into the problem making its way to the State Dept.

    Don’t take my word for it. Start reading this stuff. It’s good. Heck it’s better than Clancy. As a teaser … Think the US and the IDF are frothing at the mouth for an attack on Iran? Guess again, it’s the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. THEY want the IDF and USAF to attack Iran. Even’ Sharon’s government hems and haws.

    It’s great stuff, go read it yourself.

    No really, go ahead and start reading it.


  8. osmo says:

    Stefan: people where really waiting to say that? Why is it always like this: the tinfoil hat brigade keep running up screaming something about what everyone else is “just about to say”?

    … don’t worry I’m part of the secret conspiracy against Assange so I get to say it.

    The tricky part now is how wikileaks will survive Assange. COnsidering the US, Australia and Brittain are looking for him

    • Stefan Jones says:

      I’ve seen that comment turn up in many threads concerning Wikileaks.

      I think it is disingenous distraction, in case the intent of my original post wasn’t clear.

  9. toyg says:

    inb4 “all this is all just gossip anyway”.

    (hint: the officially-sanctioned confirmation that Al Qaeda is a Saudi-backed organization, and the US knew it all along, is a game-changer: it will probably stop the US from invading Yemen, for starters, and will bring all the WTF moments about Bush and the Saudis straight into the mainstream.)

  10. Anonymous says:

    “Oh, I almost forgot . . . I’ll save the concern squad the effort: “We shouldn’t pay attention to any of this because Assange is a sex criminal!””

    Interesting… I’m one of the ones that has been critical of Assange, and I suspect you don’t understand the reasoning behind much of the backlash. I have never argued that Assange’s alleged personal behavior should discredit what Wikileaks has done. What I (and many others) object to is this idolization of Assange himself, and the refusal to believe that any of the allegations could possibly be true since he is doing “good work”.

  11. rps13 says:

    What is with that illustration and the scary, shadowy Obama? Is this a tea party site?

    • jacobian says:

      Is Obama not in charge of the most aggressive country on the planet which is currently involved in two wars, kidnapping people abroad, torturing, detaining people without trial and generally making a complete mockery of human rights and liberty?

      Glen Beck’s insanity is not an excuse for any of these things.

      • rps13 says:

        That’s an incredibly mealy-mouthed, teapartyish argument. Yes, Obama is “in charge” of the country, but history did not begin in January 2009. Obama did not invade Afghan. or Iraq. He did not implement the rendition or torture policies. He did not draft or vote for the Patriot act. He has made mistakes and should be making more of an effort to end the abuses of the Bush era, but pretending that he’s the primary villain in all of this is simply idiotic.

  12. Anonymous says:

    You’re missing a character or two. Surely Mr. Uber at Project Vigilant deserves a portrayal for his part in hooking Bradley Manning.

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