Photos of pro-Wikileaks, pro-Assange protesters in Pakistan


I know they've arrested some Dutch teen in connection with the "Operation Payback" attacks on Wikileaks' censors, but guys, I think we've found the true face of Anonymous.

People shout slogans as they burn a US flag during a protest against the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, in Multan, Pakistan, 09 December 2010. Assange is wanted in Sweden to face allegations of sexual crimes, he has been arrested in Britain and was refused bail by a court in London but vowed to fight extradition to Sweden. EPA/MK CHAUDHRY

Via Monsters and Critics. Gotta love that "JEWS AGENDA" there on the left, too.

Related: "Several leading Pakistani newspapers have acknowledged that they were hoaxed, after publishing reports based on fake WikiLeaks cables that contained crude anti-India propaganda."

And, protesters in Hong Kong are repurposing the TIME cover in an interesting way.