Meet Chase No Face, the heroic, seriously disfigured kitty

Here is what I know about this kitty (un-blurred photograph after the jump, or click the blurred one to see, some find it disturbing):

I was in an accident when I was 4 wks (2005), I became disfigured.

I have a Furry Will to survive & I am completely healed. I require medication during the day to keep my eyes moist. I will always look different but I am in NO PAIN!

I have seen 10 vets and they can attest to that! Im a happy kitty and hope to help other humans feel just as great about themselves and realize that not everyone looks perfect and that is OK.


Chase No Face kitty is on Facebook and the chasenoface blog.

Larger, unblurred photo of the kitty after the jump.

(thanks, Tara McGinley)