Mutate or Die: spermy, bloody bioart made from preserved William S Burroughs turd

A preserved turd from the colon of William S Burroughs is at the center of a plan to create a piece of "cutting edge bioart." The turd was preserved by WSB's pals, and his estate have donated it to the project. Artists Tony Allard and Adam Zaretsky will extract DNA from the bolus, and go on to produce a kind of bloody, icky mess called "Mutate or Die":

1: Take a glob of William S. Burroughs' preserved shit
2: Isolate the DNA with a kit
3: Make, many, many copies of the DNA we extract
4: Soak the DNA in gold dust
5: Load the DNA dust into a genegun (a modified air pistol)
6: Fire the DNA dust into a mix of fresh sperm, blood and shit
7: Call the genetically modified mix of blood, shit, and sperm a living bioart, a new media paint, a living cut-up literary device and/or a mutant sculpture.

Mutate or Die: a W.S. Burroughs Biotechnological Bestiary

(Thanks, Igpajo, via Submitterator!)