Study: Christians feel guilty after sex

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A study carried out at the University of Kansas found that Christians are more likely than the irreligious to feel guilty after sex. On some kind of scale of feeling dirty, Mormons came the hardest, scoring on average 8.19 out of 10, "followed closely" by Jehovah's Witnesses, Pentecostals, and Baptists. Cathlolics and Lutherans were clustered around 6/10, while atheists and agnostics came in under 5/10.

Informing the numbers: almost a quarter of people raised in very religious homes reported being 'shamed or ridiculed' for masturbating as a youngster. They are also more likely to learn about sex from pornography.

Atheists have 'better sex lives than followers of religion who are plagued with guilt' [Daily Mail via The Awl]