Head in a jar costume at Maker Faire 2011

One of the most awesomely creepy things I saw at Maker Faire was this "head in a jar" project by artist Marque Cornblatt. From the project literature:


A decapitated human head can be observed floating in a liquid-filled jar carried by a person in head-to-toe hazmat protection. The living head moves, makes eye contact and seems to struggle to escape it's water-tight vessel.

According to the "handler" the head was discovered by a CDC cleanup crew after a zombie outbreak near detroit, moaning and gnashing long after it was separated from the body. Quick-thinking personnel placed the head in a slurry of plasma, protein supplement and a top-secret organic antifreeze agent.

The head has been maintained in this state of animation for several weeks with no apparent degradation or decomposition. A hopeful CDC spokesperson was quoted as stating that this breakthrough may be the first step to understanding or even curing the zombie outbreak.

Video Link. More of Marque's zombie explorations here.