Hackers publish "private" Tony Blair info

Screen shot 2011-06-24 at 6.33.18 PM.pngTeam Poison, one of hacking outfit LulzSec's rivals, has published what it claims is private information about former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and other British government officials.

In this Zine:
– Tony Blair Office Members Information
– Tony Blair Address & Phone Book (Includes family, friends, MPs & lords)
– Katie Kay Curriculum vitae (Tony Blairs special adviser)

Posted to pastebin, the release contains the names, address and other contact info of numerous people and a detailed resumé said to be Kay's. It also states that the information was obtained in December 2010 and that Team Poison still has access to the webmail server that yielded it.

In an earlier tweet, the group (styled TeaMp0isonN_) earlier promised that Blair "and his cockroaches are getting owned tonight. – War IS Terror."

Blair, with U.S. President George W. Bush, agitated for the war in Iraq and is accused of manufacturing and exaggerating evidence of the Iraqi regime's pursuit of weapons of mass destruction to support their cause. Depending on the source, up to 600,000 civilians died during the war and the subsequent U.S. occupation.