From Dust revives god game genre … for some

Rock Paper Shotgun's Alec Meer offers his first impressions of From Dust, Eric Chahi's god game. Unfortunately, it sounds more Black and White than Populous.

I want a different, or at least more dramatic game to the one that is in front of me, which means I'm offering absolutely worthless criticism when I call for those things. I suspect I won't be alone, of course, From Dust may well prove a victim of its players' expectations – because it's made by the guy who made the revered Another World, because it appeared to be the long awaited return of god games in the Populous vein and, frankly, because the likes of Minecraft, Terraria and Wurm Online mean we're starting to become rather accustomed to supreme levels of sandbox construction/destruction

Other early reviews are more positive, but it is, as they say, a mixed bag.

Impressions: From Dust [RPS]