Kickstarter project to fund another volume in Tobias Buckell's Xenowealth series

Pablo Defendini writes, "Caribbean-born sf author Tobias Buckell is crowdfunding The Apocalypse Ocean, the fourth installment in his Xenowealth series (Crystal Rain, Ragamuffin, and Sly Mongoose, which I pitch to prospective readers as 'Rastas fighting zombies—in space!'), using Kickstarter. I love these books, so I asked him if he wanted some artwork for the project. He said yes, and we quickly worked out a funding scheme where I'd provide cover art, a map, a poster, and a few other goodies, depending on the levels of funding. Aside from wanting to see this book come into the world as a reader, I'm really excited to work with Tobias—it's something we've been discussing for a while—and the way he's structured the funding is pretty cool: in addition to ebook and hardcover editions, depending on your level of funding, you can get to see the book as its being written, as well as engage with Toby as he's writing, or get characters, planets, or starships named after you. It will be a fun, fun project all around."

Toby is a top-notch sf writer and Xenowealth is really brilliant work — see my review of Sly Mongoose, a novel of "exciting space opera, space-rastas, neo-Aztecs, and alien zombie hiveminds."

Pablo, of course, is the artist who designed the iconic posters for Little Brother and the most popular cover for With a Little Help.