Mountaineering refuge perched on a cliffside

This LEAPFactory Refuge Gervasutti is an alpine refuge commissioned by CAI Torino, the Italian Alpine Club. It perches, cantilevered, on a mountainside, offering accommodations and safety to mountain-climbers. It's got a clever prefab design, and is intended to reduce the amount of waste left on mountainsides by climbers.

Each module is entirely prefabricated, from the outer protective shell to the interior fittings. All the modules were transported by helicopter thanks to their light weight and assembled on site in just a few hours.

The modules' particular design means that they can be planned and constructed based on the specific requirements and can be customised depending on the location where they are to be positioned, in order to make them in keeping with the surrounding environment.

New Refuge Gervasutti by LEAPfactory

(via Cribcandy)

(Image: Gughi Fassino)