Giancarlo Esposito (Gustavo Fring on Breaking Bad): Reddit AMA with video

"I am Giancarlo Esposito. I've had a few people tell me Reddit would be a great place to have a discussion with fans. And what does a man do? A man provides." Reddit AMA here.

Response videos shot by BB pal Joe Sabia are embedded below: one in which Esposito lovingly recounts stuff he stole from the set of "Breaking Bad," and one in which he shares some of his own personal influence on the character of Gustavo Fring. Another about Gustavo's fastidiousness, and another about his family. More will be posted here.

If you have never watched it, you are missing one of the best shows to ever air on television, and you should fix that right now. Can't wait for the final season! (thanks, Joe Sabia!)