SOPA/PIPA mashup: how much Hollywood money did your lawmaker take? Name and shame with fellow voters

With PIPA off the legislative calendar and SOPA paused, this tool may seem a bit redundant, but it's a nice piece of advocacy work.
Creator Jonathan Vanasco sez, "I tossed together a mashup over a few hours while
sick on the couch. It uses the data from Propublica and SunlightLabs to create
very-shareable profile pages for every Senator and Representative
that were geared for 'viral': - language is designed to motivate
people to read and share - leverages all the Facebook and Twitter
tools to increase ranking - text and graphics are optimized for
Facebook sharing, educating users about the issue and how much
lobbyist money may be influencing things - automatic twitter
suggestions for tweets with likely-to-share language ie: -
challenge a senator to give back $x in media contributions - notes
if a senator has received more media contributions than 50% of
other senators - asks a senator how much money is needed for them
to represent people, not lobbyists."

Hi. My name is Dianne Feinstein.

(Thanks, Jonathan!)