Amanda Palmer's awesome stop-motion music video [NSFW]

Amanda Palmer's just posted her latest video for a new song called "Want it Back," and it's a fabulous piece of stop-motion animation in which the lyrics are calligraphed across Palmer's body, sheets, companions, books, and some nearby graffiti walls in Melbourne. The inking here is nothing short of inspired. Palmer provides extensive notes on the production, which sounds like a real bear.

he scrambled to find the space and the artist (curran, who was a patient brush-wielding GOD), and i showed up for three days straight, getting drawn on.
there were a few moments where the entire crew fell asleep on the floor waiting for the slllllllooooooowwww process to come to a painful end.

anthony cleave helped with a lot of stuff and did the makeup – some nights he had to jet and i'd just DIY it. the entire crew was, at maximum, about 4 or 5 people. curran's girlfriend came in one day and helped out (she's the cute one with the pink hair in the photos below).

each frame that you see took at least a few minutes to photograph….multiplied by thousands.

jherek had to jet, so we created a scene for him that didn't require the whole band to be there, and we squeezed in the scene with michael and chad before they had to fly home.