Channel Sk1n: Jeff Noon's first novel in 10 years

Alex sez,

Seminal science fiction author Jeff Noon has a new book coming out called Channel Sk1n. This is Jeff's first novel in 10 years, and what makes it even more exciting is the fact that Jeff has chosen to publish it independently, and as an ebook before print. After decades of working with the publishing industry Jeff wants the freedom to create, to interact with his fans 24/7 and to be as prolific as he likes with his writing. He's hoping this new venture will amplify his creative freedom and build on the truly original work he's been doing recently on Twitter @jeffnoon, whence his 140 character fictions have been rippling through cyberspace.

The new book, which reflects on ideas of parasitic media, fame and a possible new 'human' interface, follows popstar Nola Blue on a journey of mutated self-discovery. The ebook is available from Amazon Kindle store, and there's more info on his website.

Channel Skin