Gloria Vanderbilt's fashion tips, 1968

Phil Are Go! spotted a beautiful Gloria Vanderbilt outfit from 1968. As Phil explains it:

It all begins with basic black leggings of black velvet. Everyone knows that less is more.. and less is WAY more when it's velvet. Add to that some thigh-high pirate boots for high-seas practicality and you've got the foundation that will have everyone hoisting their flags! Don't forget some pilgrim buckles or the indians won't share their maize with you.

The blouse is an eighteenth century burial gown with a kicky lace lampshade sewn on as a collar. As you can see, Gloria felt that it was pretty fancy already, but not quite fancy enough without some multicolored ribbons adorning the elegant multi-tiered doily sleeves. We're on a hovercraft to classytown!

Its time for a splash of color, so grab some three-inch satin ribbon and make yourself a bandolier, or sash or whatever. Then, choose a belt of classic simplicity from your belt vault. As you can see, Gloria has chosen her opalized ruby and gold filigree girdle. It gives her a +3 modifier when making saving throws against psionic attacks AND really pops against the red sasholier! The pendant was made from six smaller pendants. If you don't have six pendants, you can just use six of your bottle openers. Be careful when soldering. It's hot!

Top it all off with a shoulder-draped set of striped curtains and you're ready for any occasion. You can wrap the curtains around you if the evening turns chilly or simply give it a shake to punctuate particularly incisive observations.

Gloria Vanderbilt – Relaxed, simple fashion for any occasion.